Let’s Eat: Cruden Bay Edition

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Cruden Bay Golf Club to take reference photos for a commissioned golf course painting. Check out this blog post about our trip and this one about Dunes at Cruden Bay. Let’s talk about one of the highlights of our Cruden Bay adventure: the incredible food we enjoyed during our stay. From delightful meals at the Cruden Bay Golf Club to the comfort of our own kitchen at the Dunes at Cruden Bay, we were all completely and pleasantly surprised by our food experience.

A Memorable Dining Experience at Cruden Bay Golf Club

During our time at Cruden Bay, we had the pleasure of dining at the esteemed Cruden Bay Golf Club. Nestled just a short walk from the Dunes at Cruden Bay, this culinary haven became our go-to spot for a few memorable meals. Please note that the club’s restaurant is primarily available to members and visiting golfers playing at the club, adding an exclusive touch to the experience. And can we take a moment to stop and appreciate my husbands enthusiasm with that door opening.

Our little one, a devoted shrimp lover, devoured the prawns and melon dish. As any parent knows, traveling with a four year old has potential for panic when it comes to eating out in a new country, but this was our saving grace for two meals.

The beef stroganoff and the chicken and peanut butter Penang curry were so good, they were also repeat meals the next night!

Savoring Comfort Food

Raised in Tennessee, I grew up on southern favorites like Mac and cheese, and so when I saw Mac and cheese on the menu, I knew I had to give it a try. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. The creamy goodness of this classic dish took me back to my roots, and I relished every cheesy bite. My in-laws tried it the next night, and so we can tell you with experience the dish grows as you eat it and you will not leave hungry.

Unexpected Late-Night Delights: One evening, after a sunset drone shoot that ran longer than expected, we found ourselves craving a late-night snack. Unfortunately, the kitchen at the golf club had closed by then and so we improvised! We enjoyed a simple yet satisfying dinner of chips, Kit Kats, and pints of Tenants. Maybe I’m putting this experience on this post for my memory lane later (chips have never tasted so good), or as a caveat to check dining hours. The late sunsets in the summer are trickier than you think.

Morning Routines

To kickstart our days, we treated ourselves to a delightful coffee selection at the Dunes at Cruden Bay, as the house included two fancy coffee/espresso machines. I’m not exciting when it comes to breakfast, and usually bring my own travel packets of Cafe Bustelo and Bullet Proof Keto Coffee Creamer. On our last morning, we had a late breakfast at Cruden Bay Golf Club. The combination of a black pudding egg sandwich, a fresh Cesar salad, and a steaming cappuccino was the perfect way to fuel our next travel adventures.

The Real Reason

Ok, let’s be real on this part. The main reason I even thought to make a “food” blog post about our trip to Cruden Bay was the desert offered at the Cruden Bay Golf Club. I chased this hazelnut desert THE REST OF MY TRIP. The meringue pie was a favorite with the in-laws, and my daughter lived for her nightly scoop of ice cream. But get the hazelnut desert and message me immediately.

Other Recommendations

While we didn’t have the chance to explore all the dining options in Cruden Bay, we received glowing recommendations for the Kilmarnock Arms hotel and the Pan Fish Bar and Chinese food. Although our experiences were limited to the golf club due to its proximity and convenience, we heard great things about these establishments. If you have the opportunity, do give them a try and let me know about your experience!

And so there you have it. A food travel blog post on a golf artist’s website. And it won’t be the last! Food experiences turn into memories that you attach to each and every golf trip. And I’m beyond lucky that as an international golf artist, I get to travel to incredible golf courses to take reference photos and meet the people that make each course special.

Stay tuned for the painting that was inspired by this trip to Cruden Bay. Follow along on Instagram and sign up for my newsletter here.