Cruden Bay Golf Club: Where to Stay

This past June, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Cruden Bay Golf Club. My mission was to capture captivating reference photos of the golf course to use for a private commissioned golf course painting. The entire trip was successful, with the luck of the sunrises and sunsets to gather more than enough inspiration to bring back into the studio, and the highlight of the trip was our accommodation: the Dunes at Cruden Bay. From the moment we arrived, we felt our travel stresses melt away. Golfers with Cruden Bay on your golf course list: consider this part of your trip planned, and check out this blog post for an overall look at our Cruden Bay trip.

The Allure of Dunes at Cruden Bay

Prepare to be transported to a world of unparalleled luxury at Dunes at Cruden Bay. This house was built and designed for entertaining a group of golfers. Situated within a stone’s throw of the world-renowned Cruden Bay Golf Club, this house holds up to 10 visitors in its 5 bedrooms. The views from the forward facing bedrooms, upstairs living area, downstairs living room, and two outdoor living areas embrace a stunning golf course view that lights up at sunset. And the kitchen. You’ll immediately find your kitchen at home inadequate after enjoying the coffee and espresso machine, built in ovens, microwave and warmer, and a fully stocked kitchen, complete with dishes, cooking utensils, and spices galore. If you want to plan on even more entertaining, the full size fridge in the utility room and beverage fridge upstairs complement the kitchen’s fridge as well. The complimentary snacks were also a welcome treat, as we travelled with our four year old who inherited her mother’s passion for snacking. Watch the video below for a quick tour of the house!

Embracing Links Golf

When you stay at the Dunes at Cruden Bay, you are immersed in the essence of the neighboring golf course. Experience playing authentic links golf at Cruden Bay Golf Club with a short stroll from the house to the first tee. My morning coffee at Cruden Bay won best view of our entire trip, as I experienced each morning on the relaxing and quiet upstairs balcony. With easy access to the revered 18-hole championship course, you’ll find yourself immersed in the rich heritage and awe-inspiring beauty that define links golf in Scotland. The video below showcases just how close Dunes at Cruden Bay is to the golf course.

Unveiling Cruden Bay’s Natural Splendor

Beyond the fairways and greens, Cruden Bay unveils a world of natural wonders and historical landmarks awaiting your exploration. Meander along the pristine sandy beach or trek down the wooded path to the iconic Slains Castle, a mystical ruin steeped in history and inspiration. Read more about our visit to Slains Castle here. Allow yourself to be captivated by the rugged coastline, majestic cliffs, and the vibrant tapestry of wildlife that graces the surrounding area.

Relax and Enjoy Your Links Golf Trip

Dunes at Cruden Bay weaves an extraordinary tapestry of luxury, proximity, and enchantment, creating an experience that resonates deep within the heart of every golfer. From the elegantly curated accommodations to the unparalleled amenities, every facet of this haven embraces the spirit of golfing excellence. As you embark on your Scottish golfing odyssey, make Dunes at Cruden Bay your sanctuary of choice—a place where memories are forged, connections are made, and the allure of links golf in Scotland reaches its pinnacle. Click here to find out more information about the Dunes at Cruden Bay.

And so over the next few weeks as I start to add paint layer by layer to the Cruden Bay commission, I hope you can see why the memories of my stay at the Dunes at Cruden Bay are integrated with my glowing first impression of our debut adventure at Cruden Bay Golf Club. Follow along on Instagram to see the progress of the painting and subscribe to the studio newsletter to see the finished painting.