5 reasons you should start playing golf

I didn’t grow up around the golf world.  At all.  Not unless you count putt putt, but even then all I remember was spending most of my time searching for a neon ball in the bushes.  When I met my husband over 8 years ago, he was a pro golfer, chasing Monday qualifiers and putting in hours on the range in the Florida heat.  As he introduced me to the sport, I was more afraid of breaking the rules than I was eager to learn the game.  It wasn’t until the past few years during quarantine that I tip toed back into the game, inspired by the incredible golf courses I was painting back in the studio.  And while I still hit the ball to the right and swing the club like my arms are too long, I believe there is a growing space for beginners, especially women, in this game.  Here are 5 reasons out of the many more you should start playing golf.


We’re supposed to exercise every day, so simply substitute a gym session with an hour at the driving range.  An hour at the driving range can burn 200-300 calories an hour.  Walking the course and playing a game can burn even more.  As you get more involved with the game, you can then tailor your gym workouts to help your golf (hello, glutes!).  Add a little sunshine and fresh air to make it a routine to lower stress and improve your health.


Neuroscience studies show that learning new skills, such as golf, increases brain plasticity, which is the ability of your brain to change through growth and reorganization.  This is related to learning, memory and even recovering from brain damage.  So in a nutshell, learning to play golf can make you smarter. 


As the restrictions of the Covid days are lifted from workplaces, more industries are getting involved in golf.  You have the chance not only to meet people at the driving range and during your 18 holes, but at charity events held at both public and private clubs.  Mom meet ups and entrepreneur groups are embracing the local courses as well.


I think this goes without saying, but there are phenomenal courses EVERYWHERE.  Make a checklist of local courses you want to play.  Then make a bucket list of THE courses you want to play.  When we got to visit Pebble Beach last spring for reference photos for the Pebble Beach Collection paintings, I was speechless more times than I could count.  There’s a 99.9% chance I’ll happy cry this summer when I see St. Andrews and Royal Dornoch.


See all of the above reasons, and then insert your husband, your wife, your kids, your sisters and brothers, your best friend from college.  A game of golf gives you an undisturbed 4 hours outside with your loved ones.  In todays world of technology that opportunity comes as a blessing.  Many golf courses are family oriented as well.  We love visiting our local muni course with our toddler, who is more obsessed with their hotdogs than golfing, but we take that as a win.

This only touches on the benefits of learning to play golf.  I still feel like a fish out of water with some of the rules and skills to learn, but the golf community is excited to welcome a newbie.  And the warmer weather is your perfect excuse to start.


 I’m Aimee

I’m an artist with a focus in traditional fine art techniques, specializing in golf courses and whiskey still lifes.  And  I’ve got a curiosity for emerging technology that brings traditional art into today’s new worlds.

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