Hello!  I’m Aimee.  I believe in front porch conversations with sweet tea (or mimosas).  In antique stores and brunch on Saturday morning.  And in learning the history about your craft.  I grew up in Tennessee and moved to Florida after Masters school.  I met my husband, got married, had our little one, and convinced him it was time to move back home.  We currently live in Nashville, Tennessee, and I work from our home studio.  

My work is influenced by southern landscapes, exceptional golf courses, and works of the “Old Masters,” including Rembrandt and the landscape painters of the Hudson River Valley.  The main focus of my work is to capture the atmospheric energy of the landscapes with a style grounded in realism and accentuated by impressionism.

If my artwork can bring a little joy, a little stillness, and a little smile into someone’s life, then I consider that piece worthy to keep.


“Thank you SO much!  I cried when I opened the package and saw our  painting and I KNOW I saw my husband tear up which is a big deal for him.  You went above and beyond and I’m still in awe.  THANK YOU!”  

behind the scenes

Every painting has a story and a process, and I love telling you about both.  From a golfer’s first hole in one to the family lab that loves water a little too much, small details and stories are woven into each piece.  Follow along for glimpses into the studio, our little life, life, travels, and of course food.  Insight into art techniques of the past are also shared, with the hopes of a new and shared appreciation for art history.

So pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the stories.