Creating heirloom Keepsakes 

One Painting at a time

From the first tee you played with your dad over 20 years ago to the small country chapel you got married in, celebrate with a cherished painting that not only brings you back to that place, but brings you back to that moment.  With hand stretched linen canvases and high quality oil paint, each painting is crafted in the studio with methods from the “Old Masters” from hundreds of years ago.

“Aimee creates powerful compositions of our favorite golf courses that combine both the moment of realism with a hint of impressionistic style that reveals the atmospheric mood. “

Nashville, Tennessee Fine artist

Hello!  I’m Aimee, the artist behind the studio.  Obsessed with playing tourist in my hometown and browsing dusty antique stores, I love combining the moments of the present with techniques and oil painting methods of the past.